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Do I have to put my Goodmorning in the fridge?

No, you don’t. But it is not very nice if it is too warm either. So just keep your Goodmorning at room temperature (max. 25 °C) or colder. If you do put it in the fridge, your breakfast drink will taste wonderfully fresh, definitely recommended!

How long can I keep it?

You can count on a minimum shelf life of 2 months after placing your order. That’s plenty of time to drink your drink in all its glory.

How ecological is Goodmorning?

Large-scale livestock farming is responsible for almost 40% of the total CO2 emissions on Earth. That is why we have made Goodmorning a 100% plant-based product, to combat CO2 emissions.


Moreover, your breakfast is packaged in HDPE plastic. This material can be recycled several times without harmful substances being released during the recycling process and is therefore even safer than the PET bottles from which you drink your water or soft drink.

Where is Goodmorning produced?

Both Tamashi’s head office and the plant where our Goodmorning breakfasts are produced are in the heart of Europe: in Belgium.

What does Goodmorning taste like?

Tastes differ of course, but with Goodmorning we have created a good taste that is nicely balanced with all the different ingredients. Our drinks are available in coffee and vanilla flavours and other varieties will be added in the future. So there is certainly something for everyone.


Curious to know what other people think? Then be sure to check our reviews! 😉

How do I use it?

Shake it, take the cap off and drink it!

Does it give you a full feeling?

Our ingredient mix is nicely balanced to ensure that you don’t get a bloated feeling. A bottle of Goodmorning contains 400 kcal and a good composition of macronutrients and fibres that will definitely make you feel satisfied.

Is it something for me?

Absolutely! Tamashi is for everyone. If you want a tasty and healthy breakfast but don’t have time or simply don’t want to spend time on it, then a bottle of Goodmorning is your best friend in the morning.

What’s in Goodmorning?

A bottle of Goodmorning contains 400 kcal, consisting of proteins, complex carbohydrates and (healthy) fats. In addition, the bottle is bursting with vitamins (26!) and minerals. You can find more information on this on our ingredient page!

Health questions

What is the Nutri-score of a bottle of Goodmorning?

Our Goodmorning breakfasts all have a Nutri-score of A and we are quite proud of that.


The Nutri-score is an algorithm developed by the French nutritional epidemiology research team that allows us to make better choices for our diet based on the Nutri-score. It takes into account the ratio of positive properties of food, such as proteins, fibres, vegetables and fruit, to the negative properties (sugars and fats).

Are there any allergens in Goodmorning?

No! Our breakfast drink is 100% free of allergens. So you can rest assured and have a carefree breakfast.

Do I have to use it every day?

Nothing is a must, everything is possible! Our breakfast drink is specially created to provide a breakfast on mornings when you have little time. How you handle this is entirely up to you.

Is liquid food healthy?

Our stomach makes no distinction between solid and liquid foods. The main thing is that the right ingredients be present, and this is certainly the case with our breakfast drinks!

Can I use it to lose weight?

Losing weight can only be done in one way: by eating fewer calories than your body uses daily. Our drinks are certainly not a miracle cure that will magically help you lose weight. Goodmorning does make it nice and easy to keep track of the number of kcal of your breakfast and, at the same time, get a good dose of healthy food.

Is it healthy?

Each bottle of Goodmorning contains a healthy ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and unsaturated fats. In short, all the healthy nutrients that your body needs in 400 kcal. However, remember that each body is unique and reacts differently. A bottle of Goodmorning should be a nice complement to a balanced, healthy lifestyle.


P.S.: we have a Nutri-score of A, click here if you want to know more.


Can Goodmorning be harmful during pregnancy/for children?

Our breakfast drink has sufficient healthy nutrients to fit into a varied, healthy diet and is therefore certainly not harmful. However, it is not specially developed for children or use during pregnancy and we therefore recommend that you consult your doctor for advice.

I sometimes have trouble with flatulence.

Goodmorning contains numerous non-water-soluble fibres that contribute to a healthy intestinal flora. In fact, eating a lot of fibres on a daily basis is essential to a healthy diet. This can create the same effect that sometimes happens with beans. It is therefore possible that you will get a bit of intestinal gas after drinking your breakfast drink.

Orders and shipping

I have not (yet) received my delivery.

Your parcel may have been unexpectedly delayed somewhere, this can happen. To make sure, check the Track and Trace code you received to see where your order is in the shipping process. Is it still not clear? Then contact us via our support page. We will be happy to help you further!

I have not received a confirmation e-mail.

Don’t panic! It can sometimes take up to 10 minutes before you receive an e-mail. Have you still not received anything? Then contact us via the contact page and we will find out what went wrong.

Can I also buy Goodmorning in the shops?

Unfortunately not. At the moment, our drinks can only be ordered online. Quick and convenient, isn’t it? We are working to get Goodmorning in the shops in the future, so that you can just go and get your Goodmorning breakfast drink around the corner.

Are there delivery charges?

If you order a minimum of 24 pieces, delivery is completely free. Another advantage: you get a breakfast for every working day! Unfortunately, for orders under 24 pieces, we have to charge a delivery cost of € 7.50.

When will my order arrive?

If you order before 6 p.m. on a weekday, you will receive your package at home the next day (except Sundays). If you order on the weekend, we will prepare your package on Monday, so that you get it delivered on Tuesday!

In which countries do you deliver?

At the moment, we only deliver in Belgium, the Netherlands and France. In the future, we will certainly add other countries to the list.

How do I change my address after I have ordered?

Unfortunately, this is difficult to change. The best thing is to inform us as soon as possible via the support page and we will see what we can do!