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We’re on a mission to make your mornings easier and healthier.

The story behind Tamashi

Tamashi arose from the conviction that in every individual there is more potential than is often expressed, in terms of both personal development and life experience. Our society still doesn’t pay enough attention to people as individuals. And yet, in times of high work pressure, stress and burnouts, a movement has started with a greater focus on our personal life experience.

It is from this increasing attention to this issue that the Tamashi concept has grown into what it is today.

Our vision focuses on the triangular relationship between mind, body and spirit, in which a healthy mind and body form a healthy basis for an optimal spirit. In our dictionary, ‘spirit’ stands for life experience, which in Japanese translates into… Tamashi!

Many people focus too much on spirit, but forget that this starts with the body and the mind. It is there that we want to offer our expertise and come up with simple solutions that will give our community more appetite for life and the energy to create happiness.

Goodmorning was therefore a logical consequence when we started Tamashi. We are trying to offer an overall solution to our community, on the one hand teaching them the importance of a good morning routine and a healthy breakfast and on the other hand providing an appropriate breakfast solution for those who find breakfast an unnecessarily difficult challenge.

We are Tamashi. We exist for the purpose of bringing people closer to their goals!

Our standards and values

Everything we say and do is based on these four pillars:

  1. “This moment is all there is.” Are you proud of what you are doing now? Are you happy? You only live once. So make sure you make the best of it for yourself.
  2. “You’re always in control.” We rarely control our environment or the circumstances that surround us. But what we do control is how we interpret these events and how we deal with them. You are always in full control of your own decisions.
  3. “The truth is the only way.” Honesty always lasts the longest. There is no honour and no progression in lies or twisting the truth.
  4. “Am I making an impact?” The question you have to ask yourself with every action: does what I do now or will do have added value? This can be for yourself as well as for others. Give meaning to your life by continually asking yourself this question.

Tamashi is convinced that if we filter all our actions by means of these four pillars, we will rarely make a bad decision. And if one day we do make a bad decision, we don’t have to be afraid of the final outcome, since we have made the decision with a clear conscience and a good understanding. We cannot expect more from ourselves.

Where are we going?

Tamashi’s goal is to find simple solutions that we can use to help as many people as possible. We have started with Goodmorning, which we want to further refine in the future based on feedback from our community. Of course, we are also looking ahead and working on the launch of a second product in 2020, with which we hope to be able to help people get the most out of themselves.

Timeline Tamashi
  • March 2018: our founder was always inspired to help people to realise their true potential. But he had not yet worked out a concrete plan.
  • April 2018: the vision becomes more specific: the Tamashi idea is officially born, albeit under a different name.
  • June 2018 – September 2018: developing the product and finding the right partner are not an easy task. Ultimately, a basis is created.
  • October 2018 – December 2018: both the product and the ideal morning routine are developed completely.
  • January 2019: eureka! After about 34 test samples, we achieve the first successful version of our product, with vanilla as the first flavour.
  • February 2019 – May 2019: hooray! We have also succeeded in making a delicious coffee variety and are preparing for the launch.
  • June 2019: we launch our product in Flanders and the Netherlands and are very curious about the response!
  • September 2019: We are now available throughout Belgium and France.
  • December 2019: You can now taste us with a smaller sample pack.
  • April 2020: New flavours!

Happiness is the highest form of health

The face behind Tamashi: Amory

I, Amory, have always been very involved with personal development, both physically and mentally, but also socially and career-wise. At the age of 17, as a result of my aversion to the superficiality of our daily lives, I came across Buddhism.

For me, Buddhism was the first time that I came into contact with a movement that takes control of life itself. This was, and still is, central to my life. By immersing myself in it, I have discovered new philosophies and lines of thought that have given me a fresh perspective on our society.

My real passion is thinking about how we can become even more ourselves by finding out which structures recur in our belief system and our actions and changing them into something that makes us happier. Tamashi was born from this passion. Tamashi is a way for me to have a modest impact on the world as I see it: taking our own happiness back into our own hands. That is what I want to strive for.

Being the best version of yourself is not always easy. You have to sacrifice a lot for it. But I am convinced that at the end of the day this really contributes to a valuable and happy life.