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4 easy recipes for a delicious breakfast

Does this sound familiar to you? Snooze and snooze and then… rush to get ready in time. Sleep is important, but not a valid excuse to skip breakfast. We don’t think so. With these four tasty and easy breakfast recipes, breakfast soon becomes your favourite meal of the day.

1. Red fruits and ricotta

There’s no such thing as a faster breakfast than a Nutella sandwich. But it’s not really healthy. Luckily we have a delicious alternative: ricotta and red fruits. This combination is not only delicious in a cheesecake, it’s also a top combo on your wholemeal sandwich. Finish it off with some mint or lemon balm. The result: a tasty, fresh breakfast that is bursting with fibre and vitamins.

2. Granola: an easy breakfast recipe for a whole week

Do you like to be prepared? Make a quick breakfast for a whole week. Granola can be made quickly and easily in large quantities. All you have to do is keep 20 minutes off each week to make fresh granola for… the whole week.

  1. Roughly chop the nuts (250gr unroasted nuts) and put them in a bowl
  2. Add 4 tablespoons of honey and 30 ml of melted coconut oil
  3. Add 1 tsp vanilla extract and 50 gr pumpkin seeds
  4. Place baking paper on a baking tray and divide the mix over it.
  5. Put it on for 10 minutes. In the oven at 180°C
  6. Serve the granola with yoghurt and seasonal fruit

3. Ready-to-drink breakfast

Why make life more challenging when it can be easy? Go for a drinkable breakfast. Say hello to Goodmorning, breakfast in a bottle. Perfect for on-the-go. Available in 2 flavours of vanilla and coffee.



Do you still doubt if our ready breakfast is healthy? Goodmorning has Nutri-Score A, the best score. So we consciously choose coconut milk, a healthy variant of milk. You’ll also find peas, a source of protein of vegetable origin, in our drink. Definitely worth a try!

  • It is a source of complex carbohydrates, proteins, unsaturated fats (yes, that healthy variety!) and fibres.
  • Goodmorning contains 26 essential vitamins & minerals  
  • You immediately have your 400 kcal inside so you can start a productive day.
  • It is convenient and affordable.

“A good breakfast is a great way to start a good day.”

4. Overnight oats with blackberries, red currant and strawberries

Jennifer Aniston, Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds swear by their bowl of oatmeal. Who are we to prove them wrong?

Not only does oatmeal contain few calories, but it also keeps your hunger in check thanks to the complex carbohydrates a.k.a. the fibres. What’s more, you can conjure it up quickly and easily on the breakfast table (hot or cold, with fruit or chocolate). By the way, did you know that oatmeal also contains antioxidants? A substance that protects tissues and the DNA in cells against free radicals.

Don’t you have much time in the morning? No problem starting this easy breakfast recipe in the evening: Overnight oats with blackberries, red currant and strawberries.

  1. Put oat flakes (40gr), raisins (1el) and cinnamon powder (pinch) in a bowl and mix well with a spoon.
  2. Pour in the milk (200ml) and stir well.
  3. Put the bowl in the fridge before you go to sleep
  4. Stir everything again with a spoon the next morning
  5. Add some strawberries, blackberries and redcurrants
  6. For a crunchy taste, sprinkle some flaxseed or nuts over your bowl.

Go crazy and have a nice breakfast every morning. Buckwheat pancakes, a sandwich with ricotta and red fruits, cinnamon rolls with pecan, fresh granola, banana bread with mango or a ready to drink breakfast for the road.

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