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Morning workout: 5 options for an efficient morning training

The morning workout: a hell for some, a sacred ritual for others. Do you really want a productive day? Then getting your body going in the early hours is a must. Lack of time shouldn’t be an excuse. Including a 10-minute morning workout in your morning routine is enough and brings a lot of benefits.

Active mornings: why a morning workout is good for you!

You snooze, you lose. You can take that statement literally. Aren’t you a morning person yet? Then a good morning routine can really change your life.¬†Research¬†shows that morning people are not only happier, more reliable and emotionally stable, they experience less stress, are better problem solvers and have less risk of being overweight.

Working out in the morning is better for burning fat, lower blood pressure, reduces the risk of diabetes and reduces the chance of consuming too many calories in a day.

Workout out in the morning vs the evening: the benefits at a glance

The benefits of training in the morning

  • Focus: when you train in the morning, your brain is most active and your morning workout is the first thing you focus on. When you come home tired after a long day of work, you are often less focused and you may only be half as motivated for your workout.
  • Less chaos: in the morning it’s also just nice and quiet. That means: no long queues at the bench press (hallelujah!). It’s also a lot less crowded on the street and you can enjoy the outside in peace and quiet.
  • No more excuses: home too late after you lost track of time? Skipping the gym because the rush hour is holding you hostage in traffic? Not anymore. You’ve already had that morning workout in your morning routine. So you don’t have to worry anymore.
  • Free time: think about all the extra free time you have in the evening when you don’t have to drag yourself to the gym or the sports club anymore! The extra time you gain in the evening can now be used to relax after a long day at work, to be with your friends or family or to focus on your other passions and hobbies.

The benefits of training in the evening

  • Nutrition: Your body had a day full of nutritious recovery . This can help if, for example, you are doing an endurance sport that requires a lot of energy.
  • Relax: Working out or distracting your mind by focusing on sports can be a good way to end a long, hard day at work and leave all the stress behind for a while.
  • No time pressure: if you train in the evening, you don’t have the pressure to get to work or anywhere else. So you can take your time to warm up and finish your workout at your leisure.

5 easy morning workouts to include in your morning routine

Little time in the morning? Don’t let that be an excuse. You don’t have to drive to the gym and stand on the treadmill for an hour. With a few basic sports exercises or some simple home gymnastics exercises you’ll go a long way. A simple 10-minute morning workout in your morning routine can be enough to give your body the necessary energy boost for a productive day.

Don’t you know where to start?

Follow our guidelines for a perfect morning routine!

morning routine

30 day workout challenge

Can’t you get out of the house in the morning? No problem. The internet is bursting with instructional videos for morning workouts that you can do perfectly at home. You don’t need material for it. Just a good internet connection and a training mat. Try a 30 day workout challenge from an online fitness instructor to challenge yourself and discover new training methods.


10 minutes of yoga in the morning is an ideal morning workout and is also a great way to unwind in the morning and get your body going. You don’t need any extra equipment. Just a mat.

30 day plank challenge

Abdominal muscle exercises also don’t require any equipment to train at home and give you a tough challenge to start the day with. Build up your endurance step by step with, for example, a 30 day plank challenge or another morning workout challenge. You will find several online. If you are a bit more advanced and you want a challenge, we challenge you to give it a try:


Going for a morning run is an ideal morning workout that combines the best of both worlds. You’re active and meanwhile you’re in the healthy outdoors, which also brings all kinds of health benefits. Go jogging in the park or walk a new route and discover places you may never have been before. You may even run into the love of your life. A morning run can really change your life.

Take a refreshing plunge!

You might not have expected this one in the list, but why not change it? Swimming is one of the most complete sports for your body. If you have a swimming pool or pond near you, just replace your shower with a fresh morning dive. Not only do you save water at home, which is positive for your water bills, a refreshing dive is healthy and immediately wakes you up, alert and ready to tackle the rest of your workday.

So there are plenty of ways to easily integrate a morning workout into your morning routine. No more excuses. Go out there and do it!

Do you want to know what you can do besides sports to get the most out of yourself?

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